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michelle reed is in the spotlight again in a movie premier. she talks about the primary and wh the future might hold. >> one night after d.c. voters umped mayor visetti, michelle
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ree is taking theblame. she is still considered a sing star among social circles. the question is how long will she be in charge of schools? >> one thing that's clear come november 4, there will be change. what's not certain, though, is what it will all mean for michelle ree. jt a few blocks away at the museum, there was a big film freeman e premier where her reform efforts were celebrated. the same efforts that could have her looking for a new job. >> you wake up in the morning and knokids are getting a real crap pi education right n. sdplz in t >> in the movie, she is highlighted in the film in hopes it will draw attention in particular. >> th someone will stand up and are willing to make the hard
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decisions. >> we made a lot of tough political decisions. a lot of thoseolitical decisions cost us political popularity. >> in 2007, adrian vicenti hired ree. d.c.'s outgoing mayor admitted to failing conseqnces in some of his potics, but they were not sure whether they ousted the mayor on education. >> i don't take last night to mean that the direction vicenti was going on education was the wrong direction. >> even though the mayor has changed, those kids a still there. d.c. has to keep those reforms going. if i were them, i would keep them. >> as he reached out to the voters who dinot support him wednesday and promised to make good on his campaign pledge create one city, vincent gray quickly boasted of his reformer
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bona fides. >> we're not going to be turning back any clockson school reform. we're going to beoving full speed ahead. >> the council chair who has been publicly criticized for some of her choices will meet with michelle ree on friday. she stopped short of saying that she would not stay on, at least temporarily. >> you know, i really just want to get an understandingf what his hopes and aspirations are, and, you know, what he hopes to do in his first, you knw, term as mayor,obviously, and how i can help in any way that i can with a smooth transition. >> with a smooth transition. remember those words there. talked to a council staffer tonight who told me that that is the most likely scenario, that the school's counselor will stick around at least as long as it takes to find a replacement
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for her. tim, back to you. >> thanks, craig. on a national level tonight, some replican leaders are now getting behind tea party candidates as they try to figure hat their victors mean. they backed races in delaware and new york last nigh democrats are optimistic that will hurt the gop's attempt to take over the nate. >> we feel very comfortable we're going to win races in november that six months ago we felt le we were going to lose because of these candidates. a few of the so-called experts proved that once again they were wrong. this is a very unpredictable political season where anything goes. >> besides last night's victories in delaware and new york, tea party candidates have also won senate primaries in utah, kentucky, nevada and alaska. >> four bi agents in the d.c. area have been charged of covering up the use of steroids.
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they did not report the use of steroids and the substanc hgh onorms used to assess their fitness for duty. they put out a statement that said employees must held to the highest ethical conduct. when this information came to our attention, a thorough investigation was initiated which led to today's charges. the agents cannot use their weapons while this veflgs proceeds. a former high school football star is on his way to prison after being convicted in an elaborate murder scheme. prosecutors say it started on an adult chat line. jackie vincent is in prince george's county with more on the story. jackie? >> reporter: this case does point out the potential dangers of adult phone chat lines. these grainy security camera images from october 2008 show the prelude to a cold-blooded murder. prosecutors claim the rson in the lighter gray coat is a young man named tommy whack.
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they say he was using a cell phone belonging to his cousin also seen here to lure a man to his death in a dark, lonely spot behind a landover middle school. the other camera show the two men leaving the area a short time later. investigators learned suspect and victim had met on an adult phone chat line. they wouldn't say which one. >> essentially the arrangement was for some kind of -- apparently sexual liaison to take place in the victim's vehicle. >> investigators learned that tommy whack, just 19 at the time, h post aid series of pictures on line showing him holding a gn, a semi-automatic with a clip. it was later determined to be the weapon used behind the school on 48-year-old james lawson, who was also robbed. during the trial, the defense said whack's conduct was out of
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character, a football star, someone with a future. the judge noted whack's crinal history and sentenced him to the maximum penalty: 30 years in prison. >> when you shoot someone, i think academics become sendary in terms of what's going to happen tyou for the rest of his life. he clearly killed this man in cold bld, left him for dead and took his cell phone he couldn't even call 911 for help. >> this year a d.c. principal was killed by suspects who is they met through a phone chat line. >> thank you, jackie. the army announced today that three people at arlington national cemetary have been found buried in the wrong graves. that announcement follows an investigation that found more than 200 graves unmarked or mislabeled. that was back in june. the army has received hundreds of inquiries from worried families. one of those inquies led officials to exhume three bodies
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last month. they were found to be in the wrong places that was not the case, however, for a marine private first class heath warner. his family was emotional today as they found his remains buried in the correct plot. >> it's for him. we're so sorry we had to do this. but hopefully we can bring the dignity and the honor back. >> the army says it has corected the grave mix-ups that were found last month. still ahead on news4 at 11:00, bedbugs invade two college campuses, forcing students to move out of the dorms. the fda has taken up a popular weight loss dug that has been linked to heart proems and strokes. a famous rotunda at the university of virginia. a beautiful day today but a change in our forecast coming up during the day tomorrow. i'll tell you what that change
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four complaints of sexual assault against four metroaccess busdrivers is making the company who hired the drivers take a closer look at their practices. and they're making an investigation into hiring their drivers. they operate a door-to-door service for the disabled who can't use regular bus service. they run background checks and 120-hour training programfor their new employees. the chinatown station that led to long delays on the red
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line this morning was because of debris in a vent shaft. trains stopped running at about 10: 10:00 this morning. shtle buses were called in. they were reopened and service was back to normal by this afternoon. the famousotunda at the university of virginia will get restored. the university approved a $24 million rstoration effort this week to fix a leaking ceiling and the columns. the rotunda was designed by thomas jefferson who modelled it after the pantheon in rome. it's the sercenterpiece of the university's logo. they are hopingor private donations from theschool. they're zeroing in on the deepwater horizon well. they said they could kill it this week. he's far
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students on two college campuses in north carolina are dealing with an outbreak of bedbugs. those pair sights were found in dormitories at wake forest universi university. schools have been moved out so they can spray for the bugs. there going to professionally spray the beds. they're asking students to wash their bedding in ho water. experts say the increase is because of an increase in overseas travel and a change in products and methods used to kill the bugs. a vote today by advisers to the food and drug administration suggest the risks of the diet drug meridia may outweig the benefits. in a study of 900 people who took meridia, they lost only
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five to eight pounds but suffered an increase in heart attacks and strokes. the fda suggests it should be pulled from the market or be restricted. i understand people have concerns about the health risk, but at the same time, there are lots of drugs that people have concerns about. >> tomorr the fda will consider an experimental weight loss drug call lorcaseron. it has had feweride effects in clic clinical trials and patients lost 17 pounds a year on that. crews could be just days away from permanently fixing that broke oil well. thad allen said they could be done with that in a few days and then pump cement into the well.
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the cleanup that spilled from the deepwater horizon is expected to take much longer. if you feel cramped on an airplane, just wait. an italian company unveiled the sky rider this week. the saddle-like seat is onl 20 inches wide. passengers are buckled into a position that is somewhere between sitting and standing. the seats would allow airlines to jam in more passengers. the faa has yet to determi if the seats meet u.s. safety standards. that looks jus about like the most uncomfortable thing i've ever seen. >> that's unconstitutional or something. like torture. >> the airline cost cutting. >> no. >> we don't need to get on a plane. >> that is not happening. >> we need to just stay right here because it's so beautiful right now. >> it is beautiful. we just showed you some fireworks happening at the kennedy center a while earlier, and you said, what are those
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for? they are for mexican independent -- independence day, holding a party down there for mexican independence d, and that's why the fireworks were going on a little earlier. great day for an outdoor event. we saw a beautil day. high temperature made its way to 86 degrees. it was nice and warm and we really saw nothing but sunshine out there. it was just gorgeous across the area today and it'still nice out there tonight. are starting to see some clouds move in, those clouds ahead of another storm system for the day tomorw. that will bring changes but not tomany. winds out of the south-southeast sitting at 5 miles an hour. 72 in quantico and clouds are still off so the southwest. a warm front will come through tomorrow and that will bring some partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning as you send the kids off to school.
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send them to the school bus and expect temperatures around 59 to 6 4 degrees. here's that warm front making its way tour area, and we'll watch this frontal boundary. this front will come through tomorrow afternoon and even into the overnight hours. it may produce a shower or two. i'm not expectg much rain from this. we really need to see some rain but it's not going to give us a whole lot. i think the mo would be north of hagerstown where you have the best chances for rain. it will also be fairly wa tomorrow. high pressure moves in and we see more gorgeous weather just in time for the weekend. we still have tropical storm carl making its way across the yucatan peninsula about to exit the gulf of mexico, and we have igor andulia not looking very strong right now. it was a category 4, now barely hanging on to category 3 strength, but igor is the one to
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watch because it is the only one that has significant impact on land. that would be bermuda coming up in the next couple ds. if you're thinking of traveling to bermuda, you may want to second guess that. when you wake up, clouds, some sun. 64 degrees as we make our way through the daytomorrow. 83 to 87 degrees, partly sunny, becoming breezy, possible late shower, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder, but again, most of us should be on the dry side and that will lead the way for some gray skies on friday, saturday, sunday, with temperatures in the low 80s as we extend into the outlook. looking good monday, tuesday and wednesday as well. now a big change, just a little bit of a frontal bounda. we need the rain. hopefully we'll get some. >> it would help settle down some of the pollen, too. >> it is bad. bill cosby honored by the u.s. navy here in washington. and in sports,
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. who is the biggest surprise in the nfl this season? >> the redskins are going to find out. we're talking about aaron foster. he had an unbievable debut for texas this year. he's the biggest surprise in the league. now he's the redskins' problem. he is aaronfoster. a little known running back who is now the leading rusher in the nfl. foster literally carried the texans to a 324 win over the colts which is theiggest win in franchise history. aaron foster was an agent out of tennessee last year.
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he had 227 career rushing yards. sunday he accident ploeded fexp franchise record of 32 touchdowns. 227 pounds, pretty good size for a running back. foster generally mak one cut and he is gone. he is a player that redskins linebacker brian arafco kws well. >> you know what the funny thing is, he's in the same draft class as me and we trained out there in arizona and he didn't get drafted. i knowhat kind of worker he is and the way he worked and the way he carried hichmself, i kne he was going to something special. he had a chip on his shoulder when everybody passed him up, so i knew when the texans got him, heas going to start opening people's eyes. youaw what he did with the colts. we got to do a good job of maintaining his run and trying to keep him t ainimum as to
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where we can get throwing the ball and hopefully creating some pressure. >> the redskins released their injury report this afternoon. albert haynesworth was on it, haynesworth limited in practice with an ankle injury. haynesworth was usedin a limited role against the cowboys. played about a third of the defensive plays. you guys probably saw this, he got worked over pretty well by the nbc broadcast crew because they actually hadn the telestrator about the defensive huddle and how he wasn't a part of it. here's one thing they didn't look at. defensive linemen weren't in that huddle. it didn't look near as bad. >> they haven't apologized yet, either. >> albert did get kind of a bad rap there. matinee game forhe nationals. they're now riding a two-game winning streak thanks to justin maxwell. university of maryland stud cranked out his third grand slam
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of his career for another win over the braves. we start at top of the second, no score. bases loaded for justin maxwell. he gets a fastball, and i think he knew it was coming because he unlloyd's oads on it. grand slam. bottom of the sixth. it's 4-2. facing david roth and gets him swinging with a nasty change-up. that ends the inning. l lannon goes six innings and strikes out in the sixth, bottom of the seven. look at nigel morgan come in. trying the shield the sun with that glove doesn't work. later, two outs. one of the best hitters in bhas ball goes down. bottom of the ninth.
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drew storm to face things out. facing brian matan, another great hitter. nationals beat the braves 3-2. they take two from atlanta. the second loss this season for the braves and the orioles go on to beat the bluejays tonight 3-1. up this kenmore elite multi-motion washer...
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california governor arnold schwarzenegger got his first look at that neighborhood destroyed by a natural gas
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explosion. schwarzenegger joined families as they returned to san bruno. nearly 40 homes were destroyed in the blast. at least four people were killed. three are still missing. many families packed up whatever items they could salvage. the governor is promising residents re answers about the disaster. police out of michigan are looking for a really stupid guy. the guy waited until he walked into a convenience store in detroit area and then put on his darth vader mask. he did this on monday. thus, 16 security cameras got a really good look at his face. the guy got away with some money but probably not for long. his face is now all over television. >> probably ha to breathe in that thing, you know. he wa
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris listen and find ways to help we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spi. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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cos was in town tonight.
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bl cosby honored at an awards ceremony. it's called the lone sail or award. it honors national leaders who have served in the sea services. bill cosby is a navy veteran. he was honored for his contribution to entertainment. former l.a. quarterback he h [ cheers and applause ]

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